Principal's Message

Shameka Baker

Greetings to community members, family, students, alumni, dignitaries and visitors of THE Calhoun High School Tigers website.  We welcome you with open arms and invite you to come share in THE Calhoun experience.  I am a graduate of Auburn University at Montgomery with a bachelor's degree in Early Childhood/Elementary Education, a master's in School Counseling, a certification in Instructional Leadership and an education specialists degree in Instructional Leadership.  I have over 15 years of experience in education and I have worked in every setting throughout my career to include elementary, middle and high school.

I could go on and on about my experience and credentials but I have two simple facts that I want to leave you with that will bring my caption statement under my picture to life.  Family is important, including our school family and my purpose for being at The Calhoun School are the two most important characteristics about myself.  "Leaving Legacies Not Liabilities", that statement simply means I am about producing positive, respectful, responsible citizens that are prepared to function in the world outside of The Calhoun School.  My family consist of my wife and I and our four children.  I would not do anything to your children that I would not do to my own.  Last but definitely not least is my purpose.  My purpose is to continue the tradition of pride, morals, ethics and responsibilty that The Calhoun School has long been known for.  My purpose is to unite the Calhoun community for the ultimate purpose of raising responsible, successful students.

To close and bring everything home, I plan to move The Calhoun School to the next level and produce students that are sought after by universities and businesses alike.  My "credentials", will not make that happen.  Only the combined efforts of parents, community leaders, teachers, administrators, all school staff members and all stakeholders from the community will make that dream a reality, and that DREAM will become REALITY!!!  Welcome to THE Calhoun School.


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